Data in the church book database Pommern

Data records in total

In the database there are currently 28,080 records with 101,052 persons transcribed from pomeranian church books searchable. It contains data for the following events:


Data by parish and event

The data are from the following parishs or civil registry offices for the respective events and timeframes:

rural county Greifenberg
Behlkowmarriages1786 - 1874Gerd Holzfuß, Ulrich Grahlmann
Dargislaffmarriages1874 - 1877Gerd Holzfuß, Ulrich Grahlmann
Klätkowbirths1810 - 1874Ulrich Grahlmann
marriages1810 - 1874Ulrich Grahlmann
death1810 - 1874Ulrich Grahlmann
Langenhagenmarriages1810 - 1874Ulrich Grahlmann, Hans-Joachim Henke
Robemarriages1810 - 1877Gerd Holzfuß, Ulrich Grahlmann
Treptow/Regabirths1811 - 1856Gerda Conrad, Gerd Holzfuß, Ulrich Grahlmann
marriages1812 - 1874Gerda Conrad, Gerd Holzfuß, Ulrich Grahlmann
death1812 - 1874Gerda Conrad, Gerd Holzfuß, Ulrich Grahlmann
Triebsmarriages1810 - 1877Gerd Holzfuß, Ulrich Grahlmann
Wachholzhagenmarriages1874 - 1875Gerd Holzfuß, Ulrich Grahlmann
Wischowmarriages1841 - 1854Gerd Holzfuß, Ulrich Grahlmann
Zarbenmarriages1887 - 1911Ulrich Grahlmann
Zedlinmarriages1810 - 1877Gerd Holzfuß, Ulrich Grahlmann
rural county Grimmen
Grimmenmarriages1758 - 1782Norbert Lorenz
rural county Köslin
Jamundmarriages1794 - 1874Ulrich Grahlmann, Gunthard Stübs
Sorenbohmmarriages1794 - 1874Ulrich Grahlmann
rural county Pyritz
Wobberminconfirmations1832 - 1872Lester Ludwig, Sabine Genuth

In general the records of the church books were transcribed completely. So, this database is not just an index to the church books, but contains all information written.

A huge thank you to all who have contributed data to this database and by this help thousands of pomeranian genealogists!

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