Record transcription for the church book database Pommern

Currently transscribed church books

Beside the church books and civil registry books and those books being just prepared for publication the below listed church books are currently transscribed. Since recently the Mormons put Pommern church books online this list will probably grow a lot soon.

This list is also not complete since i have not talked to all who are transscribing church books for years for their permission to list them here.

Just in short, transscription means to enter all records - at first mainly the marriages - into a computer or this database and make them searchable for all users.

rural county Cammin
DorphagenChurch books1824 - 1874Brigitte Heße
rural county Deutsch Krone
Alt LobitzChurch books1840 - 1873Roland Post
rural county Greifenberg
HoffChurch books1806 - 1874Gunthard Stübs
KarnitzChurch books1794 - 1874Ulrich Grahlmann
KoldemanzChurch books1817 - 1873Gary Ramthun
ZirkwitzChurch books- 1874Ulrich Grahlmann
rural county Greifswald
KatzowChurch books1819 - 1874Gunthard Stübs
KröslinChurch books1792 - 1874Gunthard Stübs
rural county Köslin
Alt BelzChurch books- 1874Ruth Lydia Henke
Groß MöllenChurch books1794 - 1874Ulrich Grahlmann
Groß StreitzChurch books1794 - 1874Ulrich Grahlmann
SchulzenhagenChurch books1794 - 1874Ruth Lydia Henke
WisbuhrChurch books1794 - 1874Thorsten Sick
rural county Naugard
ChristinenbergChurch books1810 - 1874Sabine Möller
DaberChurch books1838 - 1874Isolde Müller
FürstenflaggeChurch books1833 - 1874Karin Hameister
GlewitzChurch books1819 - 1874Sabine Möller
Neu MassowChurch books1824 - 1874Sabine Möller
PriemhausenChurch books1824 - 1874Bernd Oldenburg
PuddenzigChurch books1832 - 1874Petra Besgen
rural county Netzekreis
SchönlankeChurch booksHarald Ziebarth
rural county Neustettin
PersanzigChurch books1810 - 1874Winfried Schwarzer
PielburgChurch books1840 - 1874Karl-Heinz Freese
WulfflatzkeChurch books1740 - 1874Andrea Hein
rural county Pyritz
Alt FalkenbergChurch booksHeiner Vogel
BrietzigChurch booksSabine Genuth
MuscherinChurch booksKarsten Lorenzen
WobberminChurch booksSabine Genuth
rural county Regenwalde
LabesChurch booksWilli Raddant
WitzmitzChurch books1824 - 1870Joachim Radmer
rural county Rügen
GingstChurch booksHans-Joachim Henke
rural county Saatzig
BallChurch books1820 - 1874Iris Wohlfeil
SchwendtChurch books1824 - 1874Jörg-Michael Meißner
SchönebeckChurch books1800 - 1874Lothar Mademann
rural county Schlawe
KösternitzChurch books1794 - 1874Mathias Sielaff
rural county Usedom-Wollin
KolzowChurch books1800 - 1874Margret Campbell
LebbinChurch books1820 - 1874Gabriele Foy
TonninChurch books1850 - 1864Margret Campbell

Everybody who would like to contribute to this project and would like to be listed above too should send me an e-mail (address in the imprint).

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